Affiliations and Product Disclosure

In case you are wondering, because I know I was when I started looking at other crafters who featured products in their videos and blogs;  I buy most all of my own supplies.  I do sometimes receive some free product to work with. If they are not part of my style or something I am going to use I do not recommend them. Mostly because I do this for fun and only want to spend time with supplies I love.

  • Companies may send me products (maybe a new stamp from a release) as a gift, not a payment. There are no expectations for me to use them. If I like them and use them happily I may share my experience with you. This product is not payment for work, and I want to pass along the unused or extra product to my lucky readers.
  • I do not do reviews on a product for companies (what if I did not like the product offered?)  If anyone in the future asked me and I loved the product I would definitely make sure that this was mentioned. ( I still have to love it though. )
  • I will never will share a product I do not like. What I use on my blog is what I truly like,  and have had fun using, regardless of how I obtained it. Even if I have been given a product, it will go unused, given away or sent back unless I truly love and feel good about recommending it.

I do not work for any of the companies I talk about.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me.

I participate in affiliate programs for Simon Says Stamp, Amazon,  Dick Blick, and Ellen Hutson and I chose these programs because they are the companies that I find myself continually ordering from, and they have great service. It is nice to be able to feature direct links to products that are used in my projects.  It also means I receive a small commission when products are purchased through links here at this blog and on YouTube. (At NO additional cost to you.)

This allows me to bring you more projects and videos!

Bottom line:  Please know I will never share or review a product that I would not personally recommend or that I do not personally like.  I Promise that to you.  For reals!  

Happy Crafting, Lee Ann

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