Lee Ann & PaperHeart Scissors

Professionally, I have been an graphic artist/designer for over 15 years. My love of art began as a child while watercoloring with my dad, cooking, crafting and sewing with my mom, and teaching myself digital skills on a home computer, later going on to get a degree in Architecture and Design.

Realizing my crazy obsession and absolute love of paper, art supplies, crafting, illustration, and stamping could all be combined, Paper, Heart, Scissors was born.

To be able to engage new crafters, paper enthusiasts, and designers and teach them through my testing and trials simply makes me happy. I am hoping to see their creations in the world using stamps, digital files, or techniques that I have shared with them and them with me.  It is so rewarding to offer support, inspiration and fun- enabling others to create.

It always feels so good to come home and dig into a fun colorful project, and play with the newest supplies.

Remember, never be afraid to dream big, and accept your happy accidents! 

Paper Hearts for you…….Lee Ann