Black Inks- Which one do I use?

IMG_7213Ok, I know that we craft people are collectors and that ink colors and types are definitely part of that but when I am in the middle of creating a card or layout I often have to stop and think about which black ink I should use to avoid blurring, or get the sharpest impression, or will emboss best….. and it is usually right after I put some water color or a zig marker on top of something stamped with Memento Ink (best for copic alcohol based markers).

So I decided to get out all of the inks that I have used for different purposes, test them and make us all a little chart which is built on the technique, not on the ink brand or name. I needed it to be easier for me to just look and say watercolor;  well then I use X, rather than ok I have Simon Says Stamp dye ink what can I use it for again?  So to benefit myself and you all, I made a little video of my tests and posted the chart  here so that you can download  it for yourselves as well  for free.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me when I am not thinking about anything but just stamping that image.  🙂  Lee AnnPaperHeartScissors Black Ink ChartDownload a pdf of the chart here: PaperHeartScissors Black Ink Chart

The video walkthrough through the tests is here:


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    1. That is a great idea! I will see what I can put together. I also need to update for new black inks. There are so many!

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