WR Memory Keepers Fuseables Review

Hello, happy Sunny Sunday,  I wanted to share a quick video review on the WR Memory Keepers Fusables. I bought some and really enjoyed using them; but as with most new products there is some trial and error and so I thought I would pass along a few tips that I had to learn (by mistake) along the way. You get a fun look with this stuff, it almost looks like stitching and you can ruffle the fringe style too!

1-Do not try to take the roll out  of the package, use your tweezers to pull the end of the strip through the hole in the top.  Then you can use it but keep it clean and from unrolling.

2- Go slowly especially with the folded ombre ribbon like styles, it takes a bit longer to go through the layers.

3- It is easiest to use the side of the ruler not the center track, and if you lay the ruler down first then you can adjust the fuseables below it to get it straight- then just roll across it. You will see me do this in the video here on YT or below. –

For the butterflies I used the Wplus9 stamp set  and did no line water coloring on it with distress ink. I actually got that idea while watching Wplus9  video on that here >  Dawn is a much better teacher than I would be for that.

Just so you are aware, I purchased these products with my own money and I enjoyed using it and can think of other uses that will be nice as well.I can see Birthday cards in my future.  I will never tell you I do not like something if I find it doesn’t work for me or is poor quality. Supplies are listed below , I do use affiliate links to support the blog.

Enjoy- Lee Ann

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